Wedding Suppliers

Wedding in the bluebell wood at Jimmy's Farm.

Here are the contact details for a few suppliers I feel confident in recommending. I have worked with them all before and know them to be reliable and professional. I hope you find them useful.

Would like to hold your wedding ceremony in a bluebell wood, a vineyard or perhaps your own back garden? With Michelle you can hold your wedding ceremony wherever and whenever you want. For a truly unique wedding ceremony that has been written especially with you and for you, just the way you want it, contact Michelle. I know I am biased because Michelle is my wife but she really is very good at what she does. She has years of experience and is a leading member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants with responsibility for designing the training of other celebrants.


Looking for a videographer? I can highly recommend Danian Evans of Aldeburgh Films. He's done a lot of commissions for the BBC and really knows his stuff. He also has a drone for some terrific aeriel shots. Plus he enjoys working with me so much, he give's my clients a discount!! Here's his website.


Need help caring for your pet on your wedding day ? Perhaps you want your dog to be a "ring bearer" and need help organising it. I suggest you get in touch with Amanda at She will care for your "fur baby" before, during and after your wedding and will make sure your "ring bearer" turns up on time. Tell her I sent you!




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