Top 10 questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

Top 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer.

Actually, there's 16, but they are the most popular questions I get asked.

This is the Q&A section for HeadOverHeels Photography. Any photographer who loves what they do will welcome questions about him or herself and what they have to offer. It shows us that your wedding photography is important to you. That you really care about the important photographs taken on your big day. Besides, we photographers love to talk about photography!

There are several lists of "top 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer" available on the internet and in wedding magazines, but I don't believe you can answer what everyone wants to know with just 10 (or even 16) questions. So I suggest you use such a list as a good "starting point" and then add questions about what you want to know. As far as I am concerned, the more questions the better. They will help me to understand you and enable me to provide the style of wedding photography you are looking for on your day.

 Now some may call this "the boring bit" and to a degree they would be right. But being boring doesn't mean that it's not important. This is information that you need  to know to help you make an informed decision before you say "I do" to your wedding photographer.

I have listed them in the order I have found to be the most popular. On this page I have given short answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that isn't here, or would like more detailed answers, you can find them on my More Q & A page. It is my hope you will find them useful and informative.

1. How would you describe your "style" of wedding photography?

The short answer is, take a look at the images on my Homepage and Wedding Portfolio and ask yourself, "Is this the style of wedding photography I am looking for?".

If the answer is yes, then perhaps you should move on to the next question. If you need to know more before saying yes, then read what I have to say about "style" in More Q & A.

My advice is to not get too focused on the buzz words being used nowadays. Simply look at the photographs in a wedding photographer's portfolio and just ask yourself the simple question, "Is this the type of photography I want to see in my wedding album"? If it is, does it really matter which word is used to describe it's "style"?

2. I feel really awkward in front of a camera. Will that show in my photo's?

This is a question I have yet to see in a "top 10" list of questions but I can tell you, you're not alone. I often get asked this question. It might be worded differently, such as "I never look good in photos", "I get nervous when having my picture taken" or "I hate having my photo taken", but they are essentially based on the same fears. ( I'll let you in on a little secret. I really don't like having my picture taken either, so I know exactly how you feel ).

This is one of the reasons I always say choosing the wedding photographer that is right for you and your day is so important. A Photographer who you can have fun with, who relaxes you and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Your photography shouldn't feel like a "chore" or something your are dreding, it should be an enjoyable experience and a fun part of your day.

It is why I like to spend some time with you and include a practice shoot for anyone who wants one. We get to know eachother a bit better before your day and you get to see just how much fun can be had when taking your photographs. It's about creating the right atmosphere so that you can relax and enjoy the experience. I'll say it again, it really is about choosing the photographer that is right for you.

A lot of the photographs on my website galleries are of couples who were worried about how they would look in their photos. Look through them and then decide for yourselves. Do they look nervous and uncomfortable, or do they look like they are enjoying themselves?

3. We like the selected images on your website but do you have images of an entire wedding we can view?

Yes. I have slideshows of many complete weddings available for viewing on an iPad or computer, together with sample Wedding Albums so that you can see the quality of the end result in print. There are also lots of galleries all dedicated to one wedding at a particular venue and more information in More Q & A.

4. How do we go about paying you? 

For your security and peace of mind I advise you pay by bank transfer. I will of course issue you a receipt but when you pay by bank transfer you automatically have proof that you have paid. You can find out more details of payment methods and how I can help with your budgeting in Payment Options.

5. Do you have a backup plan in case of equipment failure and what equipment do you use?

Whilst good quality professional grade equipment does not make you a good professional photographer, it does tend to be much more reliable than cheaper equipment. The last thing you want is to lose the images of your big day or miss those important moments due to equipment failure.

My main camera is the Canon EOS 1Dx. At it's launch it was widely accepted amongst professionals as being the best camera Canon have ever produced. I also use 2 Canon EOS 5D Mk IIIs as secondary and back up cameras. I always have two cameras in use and bring a third camera body with me together with lots of batteries, just in case.

These cameras take dual memory cards so that a second copy of every image is made automatically, just in case a memory card should fail.

Along with the camera bodies, I also bring a wide selection of professional "L" grade lenses, lighting equipment, spare batteries, modifiers and reflectors, together with spares of virtually everything just in case something does break down at the worst possible time.

I even bring seven umbrellas and some small ground sheets should the weather be less than ideal, a first aid kit, a crochet hook for those awkward dress buttons and carry a small sewing kit just in case of wardrobe malfunctions! 

I shoot digitally and in RAW format as it gives me more options during the editing process.

6. Who will be photographing our Wedding?

Simple answer, me. You will not get someone you have never met before, unless I'm seriously ill.

What happens if you are seriously ill then?

Firstly I would like to say that I have NEVER failed to keep a booking. I do however have to accept that one day something really serious may happen to me which prevents me being there and this is where my being an active member of The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers can be a real benefit.

If a member suddenly falls ill, we call on other members to take their place confident in the knowledge that the wedding photographer covering for me is a true professional. For further information, see More Q & A

7. Do you charge extra for the high resolution digital files?

That's an easy one to answer. No.

You will often see the term "files suitable for use on social media". This means the files are low resolution and are often not suitable for printing. I have seen photographers who supply these low resolution files in their packages advertising "files suitable for printing" at £10 each. That may not sound like much, but if you were to choose just 100 high resolution images (the number of images I provide in my Cotman package), that will cost you an extra £1000. There's nothing illegal in this way of doing things, just make sure you budget for the cost of the high resolution files in your calculations if you want to have files suitable for printing.

If you would like "files suitable for use on social media" included in your package alongside the high resolution files, please just ask. I am happy to provide them free of any extra charge.

For a more detailed explanation, see More Q & A.

8. How long after our Wedding Day will our photographs be ready for viewing?

I have always had them ready for viewing in a private on-line gallery within two weeks of the Wedding Day, and regularly provide them within one week. For more information, look at More Q & A.

9. Will there be an archive of our photographs and how long will we have access to them?

Yes. Your online gallery will remain available for at least a year. For more details, see More Q & A.

10. Have you photographed a wedding at our venue before?

I have been priviledged to photograph weddings at venues ranging from a City Cathederal to the most beautiful Village Chapel. From the exclusive Helmingham Hall near Ipswich to the lovely Barn Brasserie at Great Tey. From The Grand Stillorgan Park Hotel in the City of Dublin to the most intimate Registry Office. Whether you are getting married in a Stately Home, Hotel, Marquee, Barn, Golf Club or Garden, you can relax knowing that I have experience at all these types of venue.

Over the years the list has grown quite long, so I have created a page called Venues where a lot, but not all of the venues I have worked at are listed alphabetically for ease of reference.

11. Can we give you a list of specific shots that we want?

Yes. We will work together to agree a list of the images you  want and I will advise on the practical aspects of how your decisions will affect the planning of your day.

All I ask is that you bear in mind the limits imposed by your chosen venue(s), the safety of those involved, that sufficient time is allowed for me to take those photographs and the fact that I will require the co-operation of the subjects.

12. We are hiring a videographer for our day. Does that cause you any problems?

None whatsoever. I have worked successfully with videographers on numerous weddings.

13. If our Wedding lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge?

If your schedule slips and you are running late due to circumstances beyond your control, don't worry. I will stay until my work is completed. For more details on this, look at More Q & A.

14. Will we receive a written contract?

Most definately YES.

It is for your protection and mine. You will know exactly what you are paying for and I will know exactly what you expect from me.

15. Do you have Insurance?

Yes, I have both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

16. Is it worthwhile investing in a wedding album?

You certainly don't have to buy one, but personally, I believe it is worthwhile for a number of reasons. If you are unsure whether to invest in a wedding album or not, take a look at my Wedding Album page where you will find some information to help you make your mind up.

There you have it. The most popular questions I have been asked. All my answers are truthful, factual and based on my own experiences over the years. If you have any questions I have not answered here, take a look at More Q & A.

If you can't find the answer there, please just

Say Hello ! 

and I'm confident I'll be able to provide you with one.

Kevin Taylor LSWPP

Wedding Photographer for Ipswich, Suffolk & Colchester, Essex UK | Questions and Answers about wedding photography in Suffolk & Essex