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Unplugged weddings are talked about quite often. But what is an unplugged wedding and what are the benefits of having one?

An unplugged wedding is one where you and your guests "unplug" from the outside world just for a part of your day. One where you all switch off your tablets, mobile phones and any other technology so that you can all be present in the moment.

It is about you being able to look down the aisle without seeing a sea of mobile devices and camers pointing at you. It is about you being able to see the emotions, the smiles and feeling the love in the faces of your friends and family.

For them, it is about being present in your moment. Rather than taking photos and uploading them onto Facebook or Instagram in an instant, they are free to concentrate on you and your day. Watching your day through their own eyes rather than through some device.

With social media an everyday part of our lives, do you want to turn your phone on at the end of the day to have hundres of notifications of hundreds of photos that you have been "tagged" in? This is your  wedding day. It is you  who should choose what is shared and who it is shared with. 

You have invited your family and friends to your wedding because you want them to enjoy your day and be a part of it, not so that they can be your "wedding photographer" for the day. You have invited them because you want them to actually be there in person and not hidden behind a phone. After all, you have hired a professional to take your wedding photographs for you.

I am not suggesting you ban your guests from using their phones and cameras. I am suggesting you ask them to understand that you have hired a professional photographer because you want them to "be there" and enjoy the moment. Use signs like the one in the image to ask your guests to not use their devices whilst the ceremony is taking place, or add a little message to your wedding invitations. You can find lots of ideas on Unplugged Weddings on Pinterest.

You may think I am only advocating unplugged weddings because I want to sell photographs to your guests after your day, but that is not my motivation here. I provide a private on line gallery which you can give your guests access to where they can download high resolution files of your day and print them off themselves for free. No, my motivation is the fact that I want to take photographs of you "feeling the love" and photographs of your guests with wonderful natural smiles, laughter and love on their faces. I don't want photographs of them hiding behind an electronic device.

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