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Why is it important to have a wedding album?

So much goes into having a wedding and everything requires money. When looking at where money can be saved, you might be thinking do we really need a wedding album? After all, how could you possibly forget your wedding day?

Although it's hard to imagine, memories do fade over time. Especially when it's been 10, 20 or 30 plus years. As for those photographs you have stored on your hard drive, the only certainty is that one day that hard drive WILL fail. So you have "back up" copies, you did get around to making at least three back up copies, didn't you? With the constant evolution of technology is there any guarantee your files will still be "readable" in the future? Remember VHS?

You may now be thinking, perhaps we had better get some of our favourite photographs printed off then. But when will you get around to it? Life takes over sometimes and it becomes a task that sits on your "To Do' list for years. How many photographs have you got sitting on your computer at the moment, and how many of them have you actually got around to printing off?

A wedding album is like a story book.

Framed photographs and snapshots can only provide a glimpse of one specific moment in your day. When you browse through the pages of a wedding album, you, your friends and your family can enjoy the whole story of your day from beginning to end. It can be personalised, made from materials you have chosen with the photographs arranged to tell your unique story. And I believe looking through a wedding album is always so much more special than skimming through images on a computer screen. You can see some example layouts in Sample Designs.

In years to come, you will be glad you have it. It can come out on special occasions such as your wedding anniversary and it will become a family heirloom, passed on to future generations. When you buy a wedding album, you are contributing to your family history. My wife arranged a party for her parent's 60th wedding anniversary and the wedding album was the first thing to come out. Everyone simply loved looking through it.

Wedding Photography in Suffolk & Essex
Wedding Photography in Suffolk & Essex

So why should we buy a wedding album from our wedding photographer?

Photographers are great at telling the story of your day. After all, that's why you hired them in the first place. They are experienced in designing wedding albums and know how to design an album that will tell your story in the most beautiful way possible. 

They have access to the highest quality products that are only available to professionals. Products that are made to not only look beautiful and special, but are designed to last for many years to come, a lifetime and beyond. 

In recent years photographs are rarely if ever printed out. When looking back, the only regret many couples have is that they do not have enough photographs of their special day.

Well times are changing again. Couples are once more realising the true value of a professionally designed and produced wedding album. Show how important your wedding photographs are to you and please, invest in a quality wedding album.

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