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... loading slideshow ... OMG, just look at that ring!! No, you can't have him!! The Groom finds himself in prison on his wedding day! The Groom suddenly, and unexpectedly, leaps for joy !! Careful. Don't drop him!! It's too late to escape now!! The sign says it all! A heart for the happy couple. Hats away!! Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Or travel by bus, just because you can. Ride on a zip wire! In your wedding dress!! Who said the bouncy castle was just for the kids! The Groom accepts that his Bride is the boss when jumping the broom! Say it with sparklers. Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou? Been raining? No problem . . . . . . . . I have my wellies! Have you signed the right name? The groom found himself in need of a stiff drink! The Bride and Groom are drawn by a characturist. Eat your wedding cake in your own style. What's that aftershave you're wearing? You've been framed! The Main Man High five!! You forgot your flowers!! Your flowers, my lady. I've got him now! Give us a wave, oh, the flower girl! The family photographer. . . . . or even The Groom ! Lady of the Manor for a day - with funky wellies. Steady lads !! You are under arrest !! How do you get these handcuffs off !!

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